Established in 2018 as a private limited liability company , Rafikipay’s mission is to  enable farmers to deploy smart conservation agriculture practices to mitigate effects of climate change.
With  Rafiki Farms located in Tana River, Meru, Nakuru and Narok  counties, Rafikipay has advanced the use and deployment of smart agriculture technology.  Rafikipay has extended the conservation agriculture  practices knowledge of rain fed farming to small holder farmers to increase their soil structure and  increase their yields .
To support soil health  through crop diversification  of market led crop. Rafikipay has developed unique market aproach through; 
1.  Quality Agriculture inputs
2. Trials and Demo farms
3. Agronomy support
4. Soil testing 
5. Farmers Training 
This approach has benefited over 62,000 small holder farmers in the participating counties.



Rafikipay's farmers management system is the upcoming big project. More farmers are to benefit by accessing free agronomy advice and in timely manner while accessing solutions to most of pressing issues on crop management


Most of customers have been importing most of our processed products locally. Nairobi county outlets will be stocked with:
1.Sunflower cooking oil
2. Canola cooking oil
3. Peanut cooking oil
4. Sunflower and canola honey

Explore rafiki farms

Rafiki Farms are fully owned by Rafikipay. Interested in buying seeds, or learning from our farms contact Us

Upcoming Tours TO RAFIKI FARMS

Rafiki Farms management allows farmers tours twice in a year. January and September, specific dates to be communicated.