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          ABOUT US

Rafikipay Ltd  incorporated in 2018 is a Kenyan owned Agro processing company based in Meru County, Kenya. Rafikipay deals in sunflower cooking oil, Sunflower seed-cake, sunflower seeds and animal feeds.

Rafikipay main activity is the processing of sunflower, Groundnuts, Soya and Canola oil from the hybrid seeds mainly Supplied by top World seeds breeders and grown by the farmers. Rafikipay provides hybrid sunflower seeds to farmers through co-operatives and farmers groups; whose grain is then purchased for use in processing sunflower oil and animal feeds manufacturing.

Rafikipay objective to build a dedicated youth and women centered supply chain for sunflower as an income generating crop to sustainably secure a steady and smooth supply.

Rafikipay has made great efforts in forming farmers’ cooperative societies and groups and supporting their registration process with the Kenyan Labor and Social Protection Department. Rafikipay currently has 28 farmers groups with a membership of up to 50,000 farmers, spanning 18 counties. Rafikipay aims to have 300,000 farmers within their network in the next three years and increase its production capacity. We have also set up a bonus payment to our farmers at the end of the year paid on 24th of December.

Rafikipay produces tasteful filtered extra virgin sunflower, groundnut and soya cooking oil and it plans to continually expand its production capacity and ramp up their technical process to include production of refined high-quality oil, groundnut and soya flour obtained from the seed cake. The edible oils market is a growing market that will continue to develop as per capita income, population and urbanization rates grow which presents a great untapped market potential that Rafikipay shall penetrate.